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2GB industrial microSD card (SLC)

UniPi 1

Industrial 2GB microSD card (SLC configuration) with an extended operating temperature range

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Industrial microSD card (SLC configuration) designed for the use in industrial applications. Suitable as an OS image storage for UniPi 1.1 and UniPi Neuron programmable logic controllers. 

Note: The card cannot be used with Unipi Patron controllers which feature an onboard eMMC memory. 

Basic technical parameters

  • model: AP-MSD02GIE-AAT
  • memory capacity: 2 GB
  • sustained read performance: max. 43 MB/s
  • sustained write performance: max. 41 MB/s
  • sustained operating temperature range: -40 °C/+85 °C
  • operating voltage: 3,3V (+-5%)

The complete technical specifications can be found in the manufacturer's datasheet (see the Files tab above)


Product datasheet
Manufacturer's datasheet
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