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CODESYS is a software platform especially designed for use in modern industrial automation projects. Its development system is made in accordance with IEC 61131-3 standard for PLC software programming.


The CODESYS is a German-developed software platform designed specifically for use in modern industrial automation. At the same time, the platform is made to be as user-friendly and easy to use as possible. The CODESYS is in widespread use around the globe with more than 100 000 users from various countries and more than 1000 companies utilizing the CODESYS not only in the industrial sphere – the system is used also in schools and universities for training of future engineers and technicians. Over 1 000 000 devices and 1000 industrial controllers sold each year are using the CODESYS. Aside from the CODESYS itself, the systém has a vast global support network, comprising of third-party vendors such as CODESYS systém partners, consulting engineers, independent programmers and others.

It offers integrated user friendly solutions to support user in developing his task. CODESYS is developed by german company 3S-Smart Software Solutions GmbH.

CODESYS finds its use in wide range of industries

Building automation

CODESYS is great for building automation industry ranging from private homes and residential buildings to commercial buildings and offices. There it may control lighting, shading, shutters, heating, ventilation and more.


Mobile automation

CODESYS can be used for the development of special-purpose control devices which require on-site adaptation by the application engineer (Controllers in compressors, industrial weighing and dosing, medical technology).

Energy automation

CODESYS can be also used in industrial applications for power generation and distribution in solar power plants, heating plants, wind turbines or transformer stations.

Embedded automation

CODESYS is also great for control over ECU (Engine Control Unit) of mobile machines such as construction machines, cranes, fork lift truck or mining equipment.


Process automation

In this industry CODESYS may be used for control of processes and plants. It may control steel and aluminium mills, monitor and control sewage or paper processing plants.


Factory automation

In this industry CODESYS can be used for control over serial and special purpose machine in the production of variety of goods.



Advantages of CODESYS

  • Integrated – All you need for your automation task is fully integrated in CODESYS: the development system, the fieldbus and I/O configuration, the visualization, a motion control tool and more. Even your own plug-ins.
  • Adapted – You can fully adapt CODESYS to meet the requirements of your system using profiles, plugins, customized libraries, extensions, external libraries etc.
  • Embedded – You can embed CODESYS into virtually every system structure with interfaces to standards like OPC, to other automation technologies like FDT, with your own drivers.
  • Powerful – Integrated compilers, object-oriented programming, 3D CNC interpolation, alarm management, add-ons from the IT world like UML or SVN integration are only a few of the many highlight features that make CODESYS a powerful, groundbreaking tool.
  • Flexible – You can freely select the CPU platform or the operating system for the controller you are developing. Or the device type or device manufacturer for your new machine or plant.


UniPi compatibility

UniPi board 1.1 is compatible with CODESYS. To control it from CODESYS you need to download and install this plugin from CODESYS e-shop.

UniPi Neuron compatibility

CODESYS is now fully compatible with the UniPi Neuron PLC line

How to set up CODESYS for UniPi Neuron

  1. From the CODESYS e-shop,  purchase and download two installation packages – CODESYS for Raspberry Pi SL and UniPi Neuron for CODESYS SL
  2. In CODESYS open the Package Manager from the Tools Menu and install CODESYS for Raspberry Pi followed by CODESYS for UniPi. Restart CODESYS.
  3. From the download centre, download the latest version of open-source UniPian image. This image is based on Raspian, but differs by some customizations and pre-installed software.
  4. Unzip the image and program onto an SD card (instructions for installing an image onto an SD card can be found here).
  5. Once the SD card is programmed, insert the card into your Neuron unit and power the Unit up. Note: SSH is enabled by default - login is „pi“, password is „raspberry“.
  6. In CODESYS, install CODESYS for Raspberry Pi runtime according to install instructions through Tools → Update Raspberry Pi.
  7. Reboot the Neuron. The unit is now ready for use.

Note: The CODESYS will be unable to access Neuron‘s seriál ports. To enable them, either use the EnableSerialPort function or run the demo application.
The demo application is fully functional and will run for two hours. If the time limit expires and no license was purchased by then, the application will automatically stop. Licenses can be purchased from CODESYS e-shop; the process of obtaining and activating of licenses is described in an official manual on this link.


More information

To find out more about CODESYS visit their homepage or contact them on

CODESYS Homepage –

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