Explore the IQRF wireless technology with the brand-new Unipi Axon S175

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2/10/19 Unipi.technology introduces the brand-new Axon S175 IQRF that combines all the advantages of Axon controllers with broad possibilities of the IQRF wireless technology

Unipi Axon S175 IQRF, the latest addition to the Unipi Axon product line of programmable logic controllers (PLC), was created by combining the versatile Axon S105 with the TR-76Dx IQRF transceiver with an external antenna. The result is a highly flexible controller featuring broad connectivity, 10 I/Os, three serial interfaces and 1-Wire bus, which will also allow you to communicate with a wide range of IQRF-compatible devices through the IQRF wireless technology. Thanks to this feature you can easily create large wireless networks without the need for extensive cabling, the extremely low power draw of IQRF battery-operated devices will then keep the network running for years. 

Unipi Axon S175 IQRF

- 4× digital input
- 4× digital output
- 1× analogue input
- 1× analogue output 
- 2× RS485
- 1× RS232
- 1× 1-Wire bus
- TR-76D IQRF transceiver

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S175 IQRF application

The controller's ability to communicate wirelessly with IQRF-compatible devices offers you a broad range of possibilities in automation, regulation or monitoring. Through an IQRF network you can wirelessly read data from compatible sensors or integrate IQRF wireless control panels into your project. The S175 acts as a gateway processing the data and using them to control external devices connected to its inputs, outputs or communication interfaces; for example, you can read temperature and air quality data from IQRF wireless sensors and use them to control and regulate heating, air conditioning and ventilation, including sending the data to cloud storage or SCADA interface. 

Other possible uses of the S175 IQRF can be

  • wireless control of street lighting
  • wireless monitoring of work tools on assembly lines
  • monitoring of indoor air quality and air temperature using wireless sensors
  • and many other applications

Detailed step-by-step quick start guide for the IQRF functionality can be found on the Unipi Knowledge Base

What is IQRF and how it works? 

IQRF is a name for wireless communication technology characteristic by its long signal range and very low power draw. The technology is designed for transmitting small data packets (up to 64 kB) using low transmission speeds. The network itself has the so-called mesh topology in which all individual devices within the network are interconnected and transfer the data packets between each other. Each IQRF network is focused around a single IQRF gateway able to communicate with up to 240 devices. Range of a single network can span from tens of meters indoor to hundreds of meters outdoor. Thanks to the patented network chaining each it is then possible to transfer data between individual networks, creating a one large decentralized "supernetwork" over vast areas such as entire cities. Suitable gateways then can serve for combining the IQRF with devices that do not support the technology. You can see this video for additional info about the IQRF.

A general scheme of mesh topology

Further info

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