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23/11/18 Enjoy the 15% Black Friday discount on UniPi Neuron and UniPi 1.1 PLCs until 25.11.2018

Planning to give yourself a Christmas present in the form of our own smart home? Our you want to give one of the UniPi programmable logic controllers as a gift to someone else? In both cases, you have the excellent opportunity as the UniPi team prepared a special Black Friday discount. 

From Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th November, you can purchase either UniPi 1.1/1.1 Lite or any model of the UniPi Neuron product line with a 15% discount. 

Whether you prefer the simplicity of the UniPi 1.1 or the flexibility and a wide range of models of the Neuron product line, enjoy the discount and enter the world of IoT now!

Note: The discount applies for controllers only, eg. if purchased as part of a set, the price of accessories remains unchanged. The discount cannot be combined with any other specials or discounts. 

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