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In case you need more analog I/Os for your projects, we designed a whole new model line of the Neuron controllers!

They all have a different number of relays, digital inputs, and digital outputs like the rest of the Neuron models... but also analog inputs and analog outputs on top! You can find a quick overview of the AI and AO features in the table below.


Analog Inputs Analog Outputs
  • Voltage measurement 0-10 V (16bit resolution)
  • Voltage measurement 0-2.5 V (24bit resolution)
  • Current measurement 0-20 mA (16bit resolution)
  • Resistance measurement (from PT100, PT1000, NTC sensors) in three wire (0-100 Ω, 24bit resolution) or two wire (0-1960 Ω, 24bit resolution) wiring method.
  • Operate in voltage range 0-10 V (12bit resolution)

You can access the connected devices via TCP Modbus. The Modbus Registers Maps of each Neuron you can find and download in our Documentation.


Model line Neuron 5xx

We currently have four new models in stock, three controllers (M and L types) and one extension. They differ in the number of I/Os and RS485 interfaces.

Model line Neuron 5xx specification

Product DI DO RO AI AO RS485 Common features
Type M, size on DIN rail: 8 modules = 14cm 1-Wire bus
Ethernet 10/100 Mb
4 × 1.2 GHz CPU
M503  10 4 5 5 5 2
Type L, size on DIN rail: 12 modules = 21 cm
L503 24 4 19 5 5 2
L513 16 4 10 9 9 3
Extension modules, size on DIN rail: 4 modules = 7 cm
xS50 6 5 5 4 4 1 Communicate over Modbus, possible to connect to RS485 interface.

More information about the types and models of the Neuron controllers and their features and functions, you can find in our Product Catalog. For additional information about the extension modules check the Extensions Overview.

Specific features for different models you can find also in our Shop.

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