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1/11/2017 Recently, we announced that our best-selling Neuron 500 models, whose stocks were depleted extremely fast, will be coming back into our store soon. And now, the day has come and the Big Five is back on stock! The Neuron 500 line, consisting of the M503, L503 and L513 models was a huge success and quickly became our most popular product. So what makes the Big Five our most successfull piece of hardware?

Compared to the rest of our product line, Neuron 500 includes additional analogue input/output modules. While the rest of Neuron models are focused on digital I/O modules, having only a single analogue I/O, the 500 line can have up to nine of them!

Why is that so important, you may ask. Easy - analogue modules can be used to control or collect data by scale (eg. 0-100% values), while usual digital I/O's work with 0/1 values. That means analogue input modules are ideal for current measurement or electrical resistance measurement and with corresponding sensors, they can produce an accurate temperature or humidity values. Output analogue modules then can be used for control and regulation of boilers, heating or air conditioning system, making the 500 line a perfect choice for HVAC (Heating, Cooling and Air conditioning) automatization solutions.

And for really large-scale projects, all 500-line feature additional RS485 connectors (up to three on largest L513 model). Usually, a single RS485 hub supports up to 255 devices, but these devices must share one communication protocol, which makes the connection of devices with different protocols impossible. With multiple RS485 buses, you can, however, control up to three RS485, each with its own protocol. That only adds up to an already high level of the Big Five's versatility.

Sounds good enough? Now the best part - all 500-line models are already on stock and first deliveries will be shipped out on Monday, 6th November. That's only a couple of days from now! And as we said in our previous newsletter: already paid orders will be processed preferentially! So don't hesitate, buy your own Big Five today in our shop and start to manage everything!

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