The 2018 pricelist is here! Last chance to purchase chosen products for old prices!

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15/5/18 Our pricelist for the year 2018 is ready! But before it comes into effect, you still have a chance to purchase chosen products for their old prices!

Both the wholesale and retail price lists are available on request. All you need to do is to send a request to

The 2018 pricelist comes into effect on 1st June 2018

What's new in the new price list?

We updated prices of not only the Neuron PLC line but also the price of UniPi 1.1 and UniPi 1.1 Lite along with corresponding sets. 

The price list also contains model prices of the brand-new UniPi Axon PLC product line. If you still have not heard about the Axon, follow this link to get basic info about our most recent addition. 

But before the new price list comes into effect, we still offer a chance to purchase following Neuron products for their original 2017 price!

What makes these models interesting? 

Neuron S103 represents a basic model of the Neuron line. Its universal architecture features all necessary I/O's for basic automation projects. Combined with its compact dimensions and favourable price, the S103 is an ideal entry-level PLC for you to enter the world of IoT and automation! 

Neuron M503, L503 and L513 represent the Neuron 500 line, featuring a higher number of analogue I/O's and additional RS485 lines. Analogue inputs can be utilized for current or voltage measurements, but can also be used for humidity or temperature measurement when combined with corresponding sensors. Analogue outputs then allow for control and regulation of devices such as boilers, heat exchanger, three-way valves and other similar devices. That makes the Neuron 500 line ideal choice for HVAC automation systems. 
Additional RS485 lines allow these units to communicate with a large number of devices. A single RS485 can communicate with up to 255 devices sharing a single communication protocol. The 500 line with up to three RS485's thus can offer the ability to connect up to 756 devices with three different communication protocols. That makes 500-line models excellent choice for extensive automation projects. 


If you are interested in our offer, visit our e-shop and purchase these models for old prices while you still can! 

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