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20/02/18 In our effort to continuously improve our products, we reached another milestone! Recently, UniPi.technology became a member of the IQRF Alliance, opening new possibilities for further development in the field of wireless communication. We also introduce a new Neuron model - the S103-IQRF! 

What is the IQRF and how it works?

The IQRF is a wireless communication technology, utilizing sub-gigahertz ISM bands for data packet transmission. This technology is used in a large number of areas, ranging from telemetry and urban automation to IoT sphere and home automation. A distinct advantage is an open nature of IQRF‘s functionality, allowing the technology to be used fully according to the customer‘s needs.

Characteristic traits of IQRF Technology are long range and low power consumption. Long range means the user is not required to use base stations or repeaters, while the low power consumption makes the technology suitable for use in battery-powered portable devices. The IQRF Technology also uses a patented Directed Flooding mesh networking protocol, ensuring the signal reliability even in harsh RF environment

From the hardware point of view, a basic component is a miniature smart transceiver featuring its own MCU with a pre-installed operating system. The OS can be supplemented by a DPA transport layer containing pre-installed hardware profiles. Through these, the user can easily set custom device functionality without the need for further programming. If needed, there is also a possibility to add a third layer for custom adjustments of device‘s behaviour. Additionally, an open-source development kit can be used for configuring the transceiver for third-party device connectivity.

Around this technology, the IQRF Alliance was formed – an international community of developers, manufacturers, systém integrators and other professions active in the field of wireless technology. Products of these companies and individuals are compatible with each other thanks to the IQRF transceivers. The goal of the Alliance is to build the so-called IQRF Ecosystem – a sphere of interoperable devices, software solutions, cloud services, applications, platforms and others.

IQRF + UniPi Neuron

UniPi.technology recently joined the ranks of IQRF Alliance with a new UniPi Neuron model – the S103-IQRF. This model shares its I/O architecture with the basic S103 but features the IQRF-compliant TR-76D smart transceiver connected to an external antenna. This transceiver is able to operate in 868-918 MHz frequency range according to corresponding software settings. Thanks to this functionality, users can build their automation network from both wired and wireless components, easily implement complex technological sets or replace older solutions with an updated wireless version.

S103-IQRF is already available for backorder on our e-shop and first orders will begin shipping out on 1st March 2018.

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