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Unipi Neuron is a product line of universal programmable logic controllers (PLC) designed for applications in smarthome, commercial buildings, light industry and other fields of automation. It represents a modular and highly flexible device, which can be also used as a gateway for other devices.      Neuron is a product line of PLC units build to be universal and used in both Smart Home and Business applications and automation systems.

The Neuron is a product line of PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) units built to be universal and used in both Smart Home and Business applications and automation systems. It allows to locally and remotely control connected systems and devices over standard Input / Output and other interfaces. Neuron units control these devices based on a program set by the end-user of the installation company.

Standard Features

  • Digital inputs - for the reading of binary values (pulse counting from smart electrometers and water meters, signals from motion sensors, signals from digital light switches etc.).
  • Analogue inputs - for measuring of output performance of a device or measuring of analogue values.
  • Analogue outputs - for the regulation of pump speed, light intensity or other analogue parameters of connected devices.
  • Customizable LED indicators - user can set his indication of states and situations.
  • Digital outputs - for switching between the device states - switching lights on / off, turning the heating on / off, locking /unlocking doors, rolling shutters down / up, opening / closing the garage door.
  • 1-Wire bus - for connection of various sensors made for this bus such as thermometers, humidity sensors, light intensity sensors etc.
  • RS485 interface - universal interface included primarily for connection of third-party devices and Neuron extension modules.

You can find out more information about use cases of features in the article about monitoring, Smart Home, and business improvement. Technical details (power supply, voltage and current range etc.) are further described in product documentation files. 

Neuron model L303

Possible use

As stated before, Neuron controller units are designed for universal use. Various systems or devices may be controlled over integrated interfaces according to the preset program or directly by the user over the user interface. The product is certified for these uses:

  • Residential buildings, apartments
  • Commercial areas, offices, banks
  • Entertainment areas, cinemas, bars, pubs, dance clubs
  • Outdoor places, gas stations, parking lots, sport centres
  • Areas of light industry, workshops, laboratories, service centres

If you are looking for more inspiration, you may be interested in e.g. application in Datacenter or Brewery or you may visit our case studies.

Basic types and models

Neuron control units are equipped with a holder for DIN rail (35 mm) for use in racks and distribution boxes. They come in three standard types which differ according to the number of modules they occupy in this rail:

  • S (4 modules)
  • M (8 modules)
  • L (12 modules)

*1 module = 17.5 mm

Basic 8 models have along with the common features variable number of digital inputs (DI) and digital outputs. Digital outputs may be transistor outputs (referred to as DO) or relay outputs (referred to as RO). The following table compares the basic models' features.

Standard Neuron model overview

Product DI DO RO AI AO RS485 Common features
Type S, size on DIN rail: 4 modules = 7 cm 1-Wire bus
Ethernet 10/100 Mbit
4 × 1.2 GHz CPU
S103 4 4 - 1 1 1
S103-G* 4 4 - 1 1 1
Type M, size on DIN rail: 8 modules = 14 cm
M103 12 4 8 1 1 1
M203 20 4 14 1 1 1
M303 34  4 - 1 1 1
M503 10 4 5 5 5 2
Type L, size on DIN rail: 12 modules = 21 cm
L203 36 4 28 1 1 1
L303 64  4 - 1 1 1
L403 4 4 56 1 1 1
L503 24 4 19 5 5 2
L513 16 4 10 9 9 3

* integrated GSM/GPRS module for wireless communication
** integrated IQRF transceiver for interoperability with devices using the IQRF Technology standard

What is inside

The whole product line is based on minicomputer Raspberry Pi 3, which serves as a master control unit of independent logically separated modules. These modules have their processor and memory and can operate independently on RPi 3, nevertheless compared to RPi 3, they do not have such computing performance, network interface and the possibility of remote control and provide only limited functionality. The whole system of modules and RPi 3 is assembled into a properly grounded anodized aluminium case. The product has a degree of protection IP20.

You may find out more information about the Neuron product architecture in the technical introduction.

Special features and functions

Compared to products of competition in the same class, Neuron units are equipped with several special functions. The most important of these are:

  • Direct Switch - a possibility of direct reaction on output based on input value without the necessity of processing with RPi 3 - suitable for real-time applications.
  • Custom default settings - a possibility of saving of custom settings and its automatic loading in case of reboot or power outage.
  • Master Watchdog - a function monitoring the communication with RPi 3, which is a case of non-standard situation loads the stored default settings.

You may find out more about special functions in the product manual.

Next step

For our products, we offer the possibility of B2B cooperation through OEM and partnership with local distributors and installation companies.

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