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Thanks to the flexibility of technologies used in Neuron and Axon control units, customers have a wide range of customization options. We offer an option to purchase our products in custom colour and/or with a custom logo and graphic design. The minimal order quantity (MOQ) for the OEM version is 20 units. In this article, we bring you a basic info about steps you need to make to get your own Neuron/Axon OEM variant.

Prototype design

First step is to create a prototype graphic template. All Neuron and Axon products can be purchased with custom logo, custom colour and custom design.

Take a look at several designs made for some of our customers.


Colour choice

Regarding colour, the customer can choose either from our default palette, or the custom colour can be picked from the RAL sample list.

Custom colour must be contrasting with base metal colour. The labelling could be illegible otherwise. Custom colour must be confirmed by us (eg. we must confirm the colour can be used and is available). Default colours does not require the confirmation.

Design choice

Apart from the custom colour, it is possible to create your own logo design, using the template in Form 2 file (see below). Templates are accepted in AI, EPS or PDF formats.

Prototype manufacturing

The prototype is manufactured after both colour and design are confirmed.

The Neuron OEM is based on the Neuron S103
The Axon OEM is then based on the Axon S105

The standard chassis is made from anodized aluminium, to which an even layer of chosen colour is applied. The layer is then burned away by laser according to an engraving template in order to create labelling and graphic features. Due to technological limitations, engraving can be used only for single-colour designs. Multi-colored designs can be realized by screen printing - this feature must be consulted in advance. 


Accessory content is negotiated during bulk manufacturing. With each Neuron or Axon unit, standard accessories are included

  1. carton package
  2. ID sticker with QR code
  3. instruction leaflet
  4. warranty sticker
  5. seal
  6. Mervis license agreement

Accessories are not mandatory and can be customized.

OEM version order form

Order timeline


Other options

For further info, please visit the step-by-step manual

I/O architecture and/or communication interface customization

Do you need a different I/O or communication interface configuration than those found on our standard products. Thanks to modular nature of our controllers, we can design the right solution for you. If interested, please send us an e-mail to, or call +420 533 433 392.

Custom development

Do you need to add a custom functionality? From 200 units MOQ, we offer a custom development according to customer's technical specifications. For more info contact us at or the phone number +420 533 433 392.