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Node-RED is a user-friendly open-source software for programming PLC behaviour through the so-called flow-based method.

Node-RED is a user-friendly open-source programming tool, which uses so-called “flow-based” method. This approach describes the application's behaviour through a series of nodes with each node having its own pre-programmed function. According to this function, the node then processes incoming data and sends them to the next node in line. This creates a flow of data between nodes - in the case of Node-RED, this flow is represented by an internet connection.

This approach represents a very intuitive and user-friendly way to develop applications by simply placing the right set of nodes without the need to write custom code. In the case of Node-RED, the programming interface is then easily accessible through a web browser. All you need to do is to interconnect each node and set up their functions - after that, you can control inputs and outputs of your controller as needed.

Speaking about nodes - due to an open-source nature of the project, users can share their flows with the Node-RED community and easily import or export them to their projects in JSON file format.

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