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Thanks to the open nature of our products, customers can choose from a wide range of supported PLC programming software solutions. More detailed info about software solutions can be found in our Choosing the right software guide.

Commercial solutions

These platforms are compatible with UniPi and are developed and update by private companies and we do not install them and do not provide direct support. These also require EVOK as a communication layer between more advanced code and pure hardware.

  • CODESYS – is a software platform specially designed for use in modern industrial automation projects. Its development system is made in accordance with the IEC 61131-3 standard for PLC software programming.
  • REXYGEN – commercial platform suitable for industrial solutions. Of all software provides the quickest communication and is suitable for real-time projects. Programmed via a vast library of blocks and allows visual programming.
  • Wyliodrin – offers a free lite version, user-friendly platform. Allows visual programming and quick development.
  • HomeSeer - a very user-friendly platform made in the USA.

Open Source

The reason why many people choose open source software is that it’s completely free and they can modify it as they wish. For this software, we do not provide direct support though UniPi is compatible. They require EVOK as a layer between them and the hardware itself.

  • FHEM – server software for home automation. Provides the best compatibility with all controllable hardware in Europe. Perfect for solutions combining wired and wireless technology. We provide premade package in our e-shop for easy installation. Made in Germany.
  • Node-RED – Node-RED is a user-friendly open-source programming tool, which uses so-called “flow-based” method. This approach describes the application's behaviour through a series of nodes with each node having its own pre-programmed function. According to this function, the node then processes incoming data and sends them to the next node in line. This creates a flow of data between nodes - in the case of Node-RED, this flow is represented by an internet connection...
  • PiDome – Another open-source platform which excels in b but is also satisfying for advanced users. Allows quick and easy development.
  • Domoticz – an open-source platform for home automation control. Its web user interface is made in HTML5 and all browsers are supported. It supports multiple operating systems, either desktop or mobile and allows alerts and notifications.
  • Pimatic – a home automation framework that runs on node.js. It provides a common extensible platform for home control and automation tasks. It has a uniform interface, is web-based, offers automation rules and supports extensions.
  • DomotiGa – DomotiGa is an open-source software created for home automation control from the Netherlands. It was made for Linux and is programmed in Gambas Basic. It can be along with the server can be controlled by a web client and from iPhone or Android.

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