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Increasy the efficiency processes un company or factory with automation.

Using programmable control units in business field brings an opportunity to lower the costs, speed up processes and bring innovative solutions. Our PLC units may be used either as a supportive means or may be the high quality piece of hardware in your product portfolio.

Our customers are not just end user but also big companies. With HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) you can create pleasant and comfortable workplace for your employees and decrease operation costs.

Our PLC units can be integraed in the light industry applications where they help to optimize factory processes oro control the system of conveyors. It is also possible to use them for access control and for parking lot control. One of our greatest porjects is our company's headquarters - automated data center effectively recycling waste heat energy.

Our team is eager to cooperate on B2B level. We offer high quality product for installation companies and BMS integrators (Building Management System) or Smart home system integrators. If you need our products adjusted according to your needs, or you wish to resell them under your own brand, we offer the possibility of OEM production.