Software documentation

REX is an automation platform suitable for industrial use yet usable in all fields of automation.

REX is an advanced tool for design and implementation of complex control systems. It consists of two parts: the development toolsand the runtime system. The control algorithms are composed from individual function blocks, which are available in the extensive function block library.

Thanks to its basic features, it is very appropriate for creating solutions for industry. For example its compatibility with Matlab®-Simulink®platform enables simulations before deployment, what can be very useful in bigger projects when you need to add a new part and the rest of the system to work continuously.

It consists of these components:

  • RexDraw – Graphical configuration tool
  • RexView – Diagnostic tool for detailed info about the running control scheme
  • RexComp – Compiles .mdl files designed by RexDraw to binaries
  • RexCore - Runs on the device and is responsible for the interpretation of .rex binary configuration


  • Supports industrial OPC standard
  • Supports Java – can be used for creating HMI and virtual labs
  • Supports communication over WebSocket
  • Open system which can be easily extended and adjusted
  • Enables Development of new function blocks
  • Supports new I/O devices
  • Supporting real-time OS (Windows CE, Windows Embedded, Linux/Xenomai,…)