xG1W-2 gateway


The xG1W-2 dual-channel gateway is a 1-Wire gateway suitable for receiving temperature, humidity, and other sensor data and relaying them via RS485 or RS232 universal bus. 

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The gateway processes data from temperature sensors or iButton keys through 1-Wire (DALLAS) interface built into the gateway's two data buses. Each bus can support up to 20 temperature or humidity sensors, allowing the gateway to serve up to 40 devices at once and to read their state values through RS485 and RS432 buses using the Modbus RTU protocol. 

For configuration, the 1-Wire-GWY-Tool application is used, allowing the user to easily manage sensor configuration, sensor position, and other necessary settings through the standard USB interface. The gateway also features a set of LED diodes for power indication, RS485/RS232 communication indication, and temperature sensor presence indication with each bus indicated separately. 


  • connection and configuration are done through a USB cable
  • configuration and upgrade application supplied for free
  • option to connect 1-Wire access chips
  • 8-27 V⎓ power supply

Basic technical specifications

  • case: IP20 cover
  • dimensions (height × width × draught): 98 × 17.5 × 56.4 mm
  • power supply range: 8-27 V⎓ (±10 % tolerance)
  • device power consumption: 1,5 W
  • communication interface: RS485 (TIA/EIA-485-A), RS232, 1-Wire (DALLAS), service USB port
    • RS485/RS432 communication protocol: Modbus RTU (slave, supported functions 03, 06, 16)
    • 1-Wire (DALLAS) communication protocol: 1-Wire (DALLAS)
  • max. number of devices on the RS485 bus: 32
  • max. number of devices on the 1-Wire bus: 20 per channel
  • operating values
    • temperature: 0-40 °C
    • relative air humidity: max. 80 %

Detail technical description can be found in the operating manual (see Files). 


1-WIRE-GWY Tool V1.09.3


User manual
User manual and technical documentation

RS485 interface 1
USB 2.0 Yes
1-Wire bus 2
Power 8-27V DC (+/- 10% tolerance)
Height 98 mm
Width 17,5 mm
Depth 56,4 mm
IP rating IP20
Operation temperature 0 - 40 °C
Energy consumption 1,5 W

1-Wire Temperature Sensor

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