How and why to have your own operating system image uploaded to the units within Custom Development

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Save time and money by uploading your own operating system image to your custom Unipi units during production.

All Unipi controllers and converters need an operating system image (OS image) to function. It is represented by a large file with the necessary software and configuration for starting and running the unit. The individual product lines have different operating system requirements, and each requires its own image for proper functionality.

Because we listen to you with great care, we know that your projects often require specific software modifications and solutions. To provide you with the most efficient and useful products, we offer you the option of having your own operating system image uploaded to the units as part of our Custom development. You will no longer have to costly create your own OS image, upload it to the new units and test it.

This way an operating system image will always be up-to-date. Meaning that if an error or vulnerability is found in an older version of the software, it will be fixed in the current version. This makes the whole system more secure and less vulnerable to new security threats.

How does it work?

1. As part of Unipi's Custom development, we will consult the whole project with you, help you with the selection of the relevant hardware and create your own branded units. During this process, we will also discuss with you the option of using your own operating system image, its possibilities, and benefits in detail.

2. We define and create operating system images using our software managed in the Gitlab system running at Unipi headquarters. Each image has its own Git repository, which contains information about what type of software needs to be installed and what configurations need to be done. You get your own Git repository in which you can easily define:

  • For which PLC product lines the images are going to be created
  • Other applications which should be installed within the OS image
  • What libraries do you want the OS image to contain
  • Custom configuration
  • And other modifications, exactly according to your ideas

3. Thanks to years of experience in creating operating system images, and necessary infrastructure, we can create dozens of reliable images per day, precisely corresponding to the hardware. We will upload such image to your custom units during production, already with your software, libraries, and modifications.
You will get the units with the most up-to-date operating system image, made exactly for your project. All this without your IT experts having to make the time-consuming adjustments before deployment.

Learn more about the whole process