Training courses and certification

Unipi technology offers its partners the possibility to attend training courses for the Mervis - an official software platform for Unipi PLC programming. These courses are designed to provide an introduction into Mervis for Unipi partners and to allow them to offer Mervis to their customers.

Course types

Mervis courses

Mervis courses are regularly held in the Czech Republic. Each attendee is provided with a training set consisting of controller, extension module and other automation components (thermometer, relays, potentiometer etc.). Attendees are then introduced to Mervis itself and basic methods of working with the software and Unipi controllers by practical examples and a spoken lecture. 

There are two levels of courses. 

Basic Mervis course

A course for newcomers or users with basic knowledge of Mervis. During the lecture, attendees learn to connect the hardware with Mervis, accustom themselves with the Mervis IDE and learn the basics of FBD programming. Basic HMI user interface creation course is also included, along with basic Mervis DB course. 

Price of two-day course: €200 excl. VAT
Place: Okružní 834/29a, Brno 638 00


Mervis SCADA course

The course follows up on the Basic Mervis course and you will learn how to make the control of small and large technology accessible using the Mervis SCADA cloud platform.
Participants in advanced training are expected to have previous experience with the Mervis IDE. Mervis SCADA trainees are expected to have previous experience with Mervis IDE through completion of the Basic Mervis course.

Both levels include the option of personal consulting. Each attendee will also receive a paper certificate. Course dates are published in advance on the Unipi technology website and in Unipi newsletters. 

Nearest training course dates:

Basic Mervis course and Mervis SCADA course
June 11-12, 2024


Note: All courses are held in the Czech language only

If you are interested in the course, please contact us at

Mervis partnership certification

Certification programme is intended for those interested in closer cooperation with Unipi. The certification is contingent upon completing a certification task in the form of a practical automation solution using the Unipi certification kit.

By becoming a certified partner, you will gain access to following benefits

  • becoming a Platinum level partner with all corresponding advantages
  • preferential presentation of your company on our website along with a preferential presentation to end customers.

Note: experienced Mervis users do not have to undertake the certification test. If your company have already finished one or more Mervis projects, you can obtain the certification by sending us one of your completed projects. Other applicants should follow the following procedure

    1. Purchase of the certification kit
      Certification kit consists of a set of components designed for creating basic automation tasks. Aside from a controller and extension module, the kit also contains other common automation components such as relays, potentiometer, a pair of switches, resistance thermometer etc. The kit is accessible through the Unipi e-shop as a stand-alone product. 

  1. Certification assignment
    The assignment is accessible on the Unipi Knowledge Base. Applicants will create a sample project consisting of the following parts

    1. Lighting control using DirectSwitch functions and web interface
      • a configuration of a digital input as DirectSwitch Toggle
      • integration of an external library into the project
      • creation of an advanced HMI with overlays 

    2. Heating control with hysteresis, time scheduler and manual correction of a setpoint temperature
      • a connection of the Unipi Extension extension module
      • analogue input configuration for a linear transformation
      • analogue output configuration for measuring resistance and its transformation to a temperature reading
      • using a time scheduler including HMI interface

    3. Combination of heating and lighting control: A creation of a single function block combining both previous parts into a single control programme

  2. Sending the assignment
    Applicants will send the complete assignment (along with its photos) via e-mail to Feedback will be sent in the response containing an evaluation of the project, a list of any mistakes and advice on how to prevent such mistakes in the future.

  3. Obtaining the certification
    If an applicant completes the task successfully, he/she becomes a certified Mervis partner. Aside from an official certificate, all applicants will become either Platinum or Diamond partner to gain access to a wide variety of benefits and bonuses such as (but not limited to):
    1. Software support: Free Mervis cloud database, consulting via phone/Skype/Teamviewer/in person, Mervis SCADA service and more
    2. Hardware support: Assistance with connection design, review of the resulting project, free OEM prototype, custom manufacture template and more
    3. Business and marketing support: Cash in advance option, prolonged payment maturity, quotations for customers, transferring quotes and more

More info

Please send any inquiries or questions regarding the certification process or training courses to (business inquiries) or (technical support)