Become a partner

Partners play an essential role in Unipi technology's success - become one of them and find new business opportunities in a rapidly growing market. We offer a multitude of benefits in our partnership programme whether you are a reseller, installation company or software/hardware developer.

Benefits of cooperation



Tried, tested and reliable solution
Our solutions gained the trust and favour of both B2B and B2C customers from more than 65 countries across the globe. Our hardware can be found in thousands of successful projects. Both the development and the manufacturing process are fully under our control. 


Profitable purchase prices and margins
We maintain a clear and transparent partnership price policy. The deeper our cooperation will be, the larger benefits we can offer you. 


Excellent technical support
Our support team can offer you consultations over implementations and projects and will find the fastest possible solution of any potential problems. Special attention will be then given to your first implementations. 

  Custom manufacturing
We offer an OEM programme and custom development options, both with lower MOQ than our competitors. 

Quick service
We guarantee high quality and reliability of our products. If any hardware or software problem arises, you can rely on us to solve your problem as soon as possible. 

  New customer acquisition
Your company will be presented on our website. New customers can be acquired with access to our database of demands. 

Open nature of our products
Thanks to open nature, our products can be easily integrated into already existing solutions. Developers of our SDK are ready to help you with such a task. 

  Marketing support
We will provide you with promotional materials, banners, roll-ups, gift items and presentation of your company on our website.


What partners are we looking for?

Each of our partners can choose whether our cooperation will be public or non-public. Public partners will be listed on our website and our promotional materials, allowing them to acquire more customers. If you choose to be a non-public partner, our cooperation will not be published in any way. 


Installation companies (smart home/smart buildings)
Does your company deal with electro installation, water heating, cooling, ventilation, recuperation, quantity measurements (temperature, energy etc.), lighting, control of shutters/gates or photovoltaic installations for smart buildings? You can offer advice, servicing and both design and realization services to Unipi customers. A requirement is to have a valid company registration number in a relevant field of expertise. 


Installations companies (Building management system)
Do you realize BMS projects for hotels, apartments, shopping centres, office buildings, hospitals, administrative buildings and other commercial facilities? Unipi solutions will provide you with quick and reliable technical support via phone or e-mail, project consulting or, in case of technical issues, a replacement of faulty components as soon as possible.


Automation solution suppliers (IoT, IIoT)
Join the list of our partners dealing with the integration of automation into the industry, from the control of heat pumps or industrial machinery to monitoring of industrial buildings and facilities. The Unipi Patron line of programmable logic controllers (PLC) was developed specifically for the field of IIoT. Due to its extended operating temperature range and a complex certification represents an excellent choice for the industry 4.0. 


Custom software/hardware development
Do you provide your customers with custom-developed solutions and looking for reliable hardware supplier? We offer an option to purchase Unipi controllers in custom graphic design and with a completely open software solution. We will also provide you with full support and documentation for our SDK. 


Resellers and distributors
Do you run an e-shop or you wish to offer Unipi products to your customers? If you will become an Unipi distributor, we will grant you profitable margins and full marketing support. 


Universities, educational institutions
Are you searching for user-friendly programmable logic controllers for your research projects? Are you thinking about including automation into your curriculum? We cooperate with dozens of universities, high schools and other educational institutions from all across the world. 


Developers, planners, architects and construction companies
Are you looking for a cost-efficient and technologically advanced solution to integrate into your projects? Get in touch with us and we will present you our solutions and their advantages


Join our satisfied partners