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Neuron is a product line of PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) units build to be universal and used in both Smart Home and Business applications and automation systems. It allows to locally and remotely control connected systems and devices based on a program set by end user of installation company.

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Key features

Our product offer all the Inputs/Outputs and interfaces standard for PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) with a great price/performance ratio. Relay outputs, transistor outputs, analog outputs analog inputs and digital inputs along with 1-Wire bus and RS485 interface.
Neuron PLC units have a unique modular architecture consisting of standalone I/O modules connected to the master module. These PLC units can read from sensors in 1-Wire bus, has RS485 which can be used for Modbus devices and also Neuron extensions, it can be connected to SCADA systems and allow cloud data backup.
Along with the architecture of standalone modules Neuron offers unique functions. Modules have its own CPU periodically checking whether the master control module is online. In case of master module failure it actives the default settings and your system will continue to function. Modules have also an option of direct switching which shortens the system response time.
Our products offer high performance and short response time. Response time between signal on input and reaction on output can reach 0.5 ms. Equipped with Raspberry Pi 3 our units have quad core CPU 1.2 GHz and 1 GB RAM offering highest performance in the class.
We have an open platform and there is a variety of available control software - our officially supported Mervis (IEC 61131-3 compliant) and EVOK which is our open-source driver. We are also compatible with many other both open-source and commercial solutions.
Our products are actively developed and we greatly care about customers' feedback. Modular architecture offers many possibilities and our team can deliver demanded options. You can always check what products we are currently working on.

UniPi 1

UniPi is a hardware useful for innovation development in the industry of Smart Home, Internet of Things and automation. Combined with Raspberry Pi minicomputers it makes a universal control unit. It is popular among individual developers and found its use in many commercial projects.

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System topology

What are the elements of whole system?

  • SCADA & Database - remote access, control, monitoring and data backup
  • 1-Wire - up to 15 sensors on one channel, great for longer distances
  • Extensions - possibility to extend the number I/Os
  • RS485 - easy communication with third-party devices (Modbus)


Choose your favourite:

  • Our own opensource API called EVOK
  • Third-party commercial software solutions
  • Community based open source platforms

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CODESYS is a widely recognized automation software platform designed to be used in a wide range of applications. It is in accordance with IEC 61131-3 standard.

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MERVIS is our official fully supported software in accordance with IEC 61131-3 standard. It includes SCADA system and cloud database backup possibility.

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REX is a software suitable for use in light industry yet sufficient for use in any applicaton. It can be easily integrated and has many useful tools.

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EVOK is our free and open source software suitable for basic control. Its source is published on GitHub and can be extended with custom scripts.

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Dynamic development

Evolution never stops thus we are constantly working on new products.

Currently developed modules:

  • 4× Analog input + 2× Analog output
  • 4× RS485 communication module
  • GPRS for Neuron control units

Use cases


Our products allow to control advanced monitoring system for temperature, light intensity and energy consumption measurement. Monitor your expenses.

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Heating regulation

Increase comfort and savings from building central heating. UniPi control units allow easy control over heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems.

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Smart Home

Create a modern home. UniPi is suitable for Smart Home system control. Light switching, automatic shutter rolling, LED light dimming and more.

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Remote control

Be warned in time and always have it under control. The System allows you to remotely control connected devices and receive timely notifications.

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Business improvement

Gain an edge over competitors. Increase the efficiency of company processes with automation. UniPi control units are designed for light industry.

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Universal automation

Interconnect and control anything. Our platform is universal, allows to integrate many different systems and brings a unique products to PLC market.

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