Controlling of an economical heat pump system

12/01/2018 Neuron control units have a wide range of applications. Today, we bring you an example…

Horticulture application of the UniPi 1.1 and UniPi Neuron

21/11/2017 Implementation of UniPi 1.1 and UniPi Neuron control units as a part of cheap…

Automatized hydroponics system using UniPi 1.1

A homemade hydroponics system, controlled by a single UniPi 1.1 control unit via the Cloud4RPi…

HVAC system in the office premises

Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system controlled with UniPi 1.1.

The Roller Conveyor System

Roller conveyor system automated with UniPi board v1.1.

ZigBee prototype project

Using wireless technology in combination with UniPi board v1.1

Controller for security system

UniPi controller board was used on demand of agricultural company residing in the South Moravia,…

Smart Factory Unit

Use of automation products in industry to improve manufacturing efficiency.

Hotel regulation

Use of PLC units for heating and regulation system in the Baloon Hotel in Radešín.

Automated brewery

Brewing process made easier with PLC unit.