FAQ: Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between UniPi 1.1 and UniPi Neuron?

Compared to the UniPi 1.1, which utilize GPIO and I2C as I/O modules, the Neuron communicates with up to three microprocessors connected by a high-speed data bus. Want to know more? Check our detailed comparison!

I can‘t choose the software platform to use with your products. Can you help me?

Don‘t worry. Besides a brief description of possible solutions, we prepared a short software guide to help you with choosing the ideal software for you.

Is Raspberry Pi 3 included in all UniPi products?

Regarding UniPi 1.1, the Raspberry Pi is included only with basic and complete sets. The basic board is supplied withotu the computer. All Neuron units have Raspberry Pi included by default.

Recently, I saw an offer for 4xAO expansion module for the UniPi 1.1, but I cannot find it on your e-shop. Is it possible to get it?

The module was phased out of production and is no longer available. We replaced the module with the Neuron 500 line, consisting of M503, L503 and L513 models. Alternatively, you can use the xS50 extension module, featuring 4 analog I/O modules. 

How long can I use the CODESYS without purchasing a license?

Without a license, the CODESYS will be functional only for two hours. When the time runs out, the systém automatically locks down and its functionality can be restored only by purchasing the license. During these two hours, the CODESYS is however fully functional and you can test the systém thoroughly.

Can I use a default Raspbian image for installing software into the UniPi 1.1 or the Neuron, or do I have to use the image provided by UniPi?

For the EVOK platform install, you can use either Raspbian Jessier or Raspbian Stretch image, or our UniPian image. Regarding Mervis and CODESYS, it is possible to use only the UniPian, as it contains custom low-level applications, which provide the system with a fast-control enviroment required.

How can I update the Neuron firmware?

Neuron firmware is provided as part of our image files. When the latest UniPian is booted, the latest version of firmware is automatically flashed into the unit. If you need to update the firmware manually, you need to use our firmware update tool, requiring a USB-to-RS485 converter.

Can I use the Neuron without the SD card?

The Neuron product line uses the SD card to store image files of all software platforms. It is thus impossible to load software into Neurons without the SD. Currently, we are developing a new solution not requiring the card.

Are Neuron products certified?

We are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified. All our products are compliant with the CE certificate and following domestic standards

  • ČSN EN 60950 ed. 2
  • ČSN EN 61000-6-3 ed. 2
  • ČSN EN 55014-1 ed. 3
  • ČSN EN 55022 ed. 3

We are also compliant with following directives issued by the Czech Republic goverment and directives of the European Parliament and Council, including all amendments.

  • goverment directive 17/2003 Coll + directive 2006/95/EC
  • government directive 616/2006 coll. + directive 2004/108/ES
  • European Parliament and the Council directive 2014/35/EU (Low-voltage devices directive)
  • European Parliament and the Council directive 2014/30/EC (Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive)