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PRO1-Mod single-phase smart energy meter


A smart single-phase direct-measurement energy meter supporting communication via Modbus protocol.

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Product description

The PRO1 Series is a range of 1 module, single-phase Smart Energy Meters consisting of 4 different types, each with their specific characteristics. They have an exceptional combination of a high accuracy class (1/B) and a broad temperature range from -25°C to +45°C. Another unique feature is the Imax of 45A.

This PRO1 model supports Modbus. It can communicate and be programmed via an infra-red input. The different communication modes have over 40 variables like kWh, active and reactive energy, forward and reverse energy as well as Cos phi.

The PRO1 smart energy meter is equipped with a re-settable day counter and the total energy usage can be calculated via 5 different modes.


A full technical specification can be found in the Files tab above, or at the manufacturer's webpage


User manual
User manual and technical documentation

Nominal voltage 230V AC
Alternating overvoltage withstand 4 kV for 60 seconds
Operating voltage 195 - 253V AC
Impulse overvoltage withstand 6 kV, 1,2μS waveform
Basic current 5 A
Operating current max. Imax = 45 A
Case material Fire-proof polycarbonate
Operating frequency range 50 Hz (+-10%ˇ)
Overcurrent withstand 30 Imax for 0.01 s

Power Supply for DIN rail - 24V DC, 1.5A

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