Remote control

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The system allows you to remotly control connected devices and receive timely notifications.

One of the possibilities of Smart home and automation systems is remote control. It brings several advantages and may come in handy in various situations - the only thing necessary is connection to the Internet.

  • When the windy storm is comming which could domage your window shutters you do not have to worry - through remote access you can roll them up with a single button.
  • When you travel home from a vacation or to you mountain residence and you need to turn the boiler and heating on.
  • When you run outside your house or apartment and forgot the keys, doors with digital lock can be opened via smart phone.

The system will alert you either in online user interface or via email or SMS. In "On the vacation" mode you may recieve notification, someone has just opened door / windows equipped with magnetic contact or the installed motion sensors detected someone.