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Our products allow to control advanced monitoring system for temperature, light intensity and energy consumption measurement. Monitor your expenses.

Why monitoring? It brings many options. Based on gathered data it is possible to configure appropriate reactions of the automation system. In practice, this means for example that in the Smart homeroom the heating is off when the window is open. Monitoring gives you a quick review of past and actual data. We will go through practical uses below.

What can be measured and monitored

  • temperature
  • light intensity
  • humidity
  • gas, water and electricity consumption
  • motion
  • many other options


Information about temperature has the utmost importance for heating systems. If the temperature drops below the set minimum, the system activates the heating. It is also possible to integrate a system for individual room heating - the often said ideal temperature for sleep is 18° C and the ideal room temperature 21° C. What temperature is ideal is up to the user. Thanks to the correctly configured system it is possible to achieve considerable savings.

Light intensity

Information about the light intensity can be used for control of automated blinds. It is possible to configure the system so it adjusts the blinds angle according to the light intensity so the intense sunlight is avoided.


Information about the level of air humidity is vital for computer hall monitoring. Excessive humidity can damage computer technology. While integrating the system it may also be useful to make use of flood sensors. Then, the system can notify the owner in case of pipe leakages.

Gas, water and electricity consumption

It is often demanding to keep an idea about consumptions. Smart electricity meters, gas meters and flowmeters transmit a digital impulse after each rotation which can be counted and used for final consumption sum. Suitable for optimization of extensive automation systems and final costs sum prediction.


The building equipped with an automation system with connected motion sensors brings several advantages. In case of motion detection during regular hours it will turn the lights on. In case of motion detection during uncommon hours it may send an email of SMS notification about the suspicious activity in the monitored premises.

Other options

Technology still develops further and the possibilities of monitoring are limitless. For some inspiration be sure to check out our references.