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Imagine home automation which saves your time and money and reduce expenses for energy or maintenance. Automated lighting scheduled on the time when you wake up, smart heating allowing you to regulate temperature for each room or irrigation system reacting to current weather and forecasts. All this and much more can be achieved with Unipi open-source smart home controllers.  

Smart home saves you time and money

Temperature and heating regulation

Automated heating will ensure that you feel comfortable and reduce energy consumption costs - regardless if you are at home or outside. You can set different temperatures for each room, enable heating in advance before your return back home or switch your water heater right before your morning shower without the need for keeping the water warm all the time. Temperature can be also regulated based on current weather or weather forecast.

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Window shutters and blinds

Shading automation wakes you up each morning to natural light with sunblinds letting through only the optimal amount of light. At dusk, sunblinds automatically close to ensure your privacy. Automatic passive temperature regulation can be achieved by opening sunblinds in winter given there is enough sunlight. The system will also retract sunblinds in case of strong wind to prevent any damage. 

More about the automation of shutters and blinds


If high concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2) are detected in any room, smart ventilation will automatically increase fresh air intake. Outside air can be used to regulate indoor temperature. Ventilation can be triggered by detecting increased humidity (for example in bathrooms).


No more worries if you forgot the lights on. The smart system will automatically turn off all lights the moment you leave your house. You can also control whole lighting groups or schedule when you want to turn the lights on. Based on the light intensity, the system can also temporarily disable motion-triggered lighting to increase the lifespan of light sources if there is enough light. 

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Energy monitoring

Monitor the energy consumption and its cost and the system will take care of the rest. Due to interconnection with other smart home devices, the system saves energy by passive heating or cooling, shutting down unused components when you are away from home (ie. shutting down devices in standby mode, shutting down the water heater to save energy etc.). By using such systems you can reduce your expenses up to 50%.

Possibilities are (nearly) endless

Aside from the above-mentioned areas, our controllers can be also used to automate many other tasks ranging from irrigation and garage doors to private solar powerplants.

Smarthome devices control

Automation of individual smart home components can save you a significant amount of time, but it also offers wide manual control options. You can control your smart home both locally through switches or touchscreens (HMI panels), and remotely with a smartphone, tablet or notebook using a web interface.

Unipi controllers - the brain of your smart home

Controllers serve as the brain of the whole smart home system. The control unit communicates with all devices and makes them smart by connecting them to a smart home network. With a controller, you can automate, remotely control and save data from any device connected to the network. Controllers feature various inputs, outputs and communication interfaces and are designed for easy installation into any distribution box using standard DIN rail.

Open-source software solutions

Due to software openness, you can choose from a variety of software solutions (both professional and open-source), or you can use your code. Our main supported software platform is Mervis - a professional IEC 61131-3 PLC programming solution featuring graphics interface editor, SCADA interface, data backup and more. On Neuron controllers, you can download Mervis for free from our website, Patron controllers come with Mervis already installed. Each controller is also delivered with a Mervis license for access to the cloud database and proxy server.

More about software

Installing your smart home

We cooperate with a large number of installation firms that will help you with Unipi-controlled smart home implementation. You can find their list in our partnership section. 

List of Unipi partners

Home automation DIY

You can also install your smart home by yourself. Raspberry Pi fans can choose our Unipi Neuron and Unipi 1.1 controllers, both being based on the popular Raspberry Pi computer. You can also choose the Patron product line, which is based on an Unipi-developed computing module powered by the i.MX 8M Mini (4× Arm® Cortex®-A53) CPU, and features a max. 1.8 GHz frequency, 1GB RAM and an onboard 8GB eMMC memory. If you plan to build your own smart home, we have several recommendations for you:

Which home devices do you want to control? 

Device choice is crucial for determining which components you will need - sensors, external relays, digital switches etc. These devices represent the "eyes, ears and arms" of the system, allowing you to achieve automation. 

Choose from our controller line-up

We offer a wide range of controllers in multiple sizes and models, with various I/Os type, I/Os number and communication interfaces. 

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Have a few extra I/Os

During the installation, you can find yourself in a situation where you need more I/Os than was originally planned. To avoid such issues, always count on more I/Os to have a reserve. Alternatively, you can purchase one of our extension modules. These will extend your network by additional I/Os for a much lower price than purchasing another controller. 

Detailed info about our controllers can be found in our Knowledgebase

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