All products will be packed in an anti-static bags and shipped in a protective bubble bag or a wrapped in a bubble foil inside a paper box.

Shipping options

Most of the packages can be shipped via UPS Express Saver or PPL Parcel Connect which are quick and more reliable. If you are in hurry we can also ship the package via other UPS service such as UPS Express plus, please contact us for more information.

UPS Express Saver

This UPS service provides worldwide shipping and tracking of packages. It should not take more than 5 working days for your package to arrive after we ship it worldwide. Packages delivered by UPS will be shipped the next 2 working days after the order is paid (only for orders placed by 14:00 CET/CEST). UPS also provides better and faster customs services.

Destination Estimated time of delivery (working days)
Europe 1
America 2-3
Australia 2-4
Asia 2-4

*Shipping tax may differ when shipping to islands.

UPS may charge additional fees for delivery to hardly accessible areas or areas with low population (so-called Extended Area Surcharges). That is why all orders belonging to this category with the final destination within the European Union will be automatically delivered via PPL/DHL even if UPS was previously chosen. The list of all these destinations may be downloaded from the UPS website.


Delivery via PPL is on the contrary to UPS possible only within the countries of European Union. Within EU it is possible to ship via PPL Parcel Connect and PPL Expportní Balík.

State Zone Number of days to deliver
Německo 1 2
Belgium 2 3
Bulgaria 3 4
Denmark 2 4
Estonia 4 5
Finland 3 5
France 2 3
Croatia 3 4
Ireland 3 4
Italy 2 3
Lithuania 4 3
Latvija 4 4
Luxembourg 2 3
Hungary 2 2
The Netherlands 2 3
Portugal 3 5
Austria 1 3
Romania 2 4
Greece** 3 4
Slovenia 4 3
Spain 3 5
Sweden 3 4
The United Kingdom 2 3

*Delivery to the mainland takes 3 days while delivery to islands takes 4 days.
**Delivery to islands is not possible.

Customs and Tax

We can’t declare lower price (or mark the item as a gift) than the actual value of the goods to protect our business. So please consider that you may be responsible for paying taxes and customs fee.