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Are you interested in our units' custom development, and do you want to launch the product on the European market? See how to do it.

As manufacturers of control units, we always want to offer you the most reliable products of the highest quality. That is why we make sure that they comply with the appropriate directives and we are therefore responsible for our products. To verify compliance with directives it’s necessary to provide a Declaration of Conformity (valid for the EU market). If you want to be listed as the manufacturer of a custom solution, you must also issue a Declaration of Conformity.

How is the product placed on the European market?

1. Research of the regulations

Before we can offer our product and before we even make it, our team thoroughly researches and monitors the current regulations of the European Union. Depending on the purpose (e.g., air conditioning control, IoT, gateway, etc.) and the area of use of the product (e.g., hotel complex, light industry, household, etc.), regulations and standards that must be met are defined. These determine, for example, what materials can be used for production (e.g., aluminum, different types of plastics, etc.). Thanks to our years of experience, we know which regulations and standards directly apply to our products. The first step is therefore careful research and study of all these documents, which are constantly updated and refined.

2. Production meeting standards

Once we are sure which of the latest regulations and standards apply to the product, we start production. Our technicians and developers know exactly what technical solutions and materials to use and which the product should meet.

3. Certification

Once the product is ready, it's time to test it. Because we are sure of its quality, we do not hesitate to choose independent testing laboratories that carefully test whether it really meets all the parameters of the set standard. For testing itself, it is also necessary to produce a so-called test set, which consists of the tested product (which contains a program simulating the intended purpose of use in its entirety), a test fixture (a specially developed product that simulates real load/use and evaluates functionality/values) and an assignment, according to which the laboratory proceeds. When everything is in order and the product passes all tests, the laboratory issues a final protocol and certificate confirming that the product meets all relevant regulations and standards. This certificate is issued in the language required.

4. Declaration of Conformity

We will subsequently issue a Declaration of Conformity, based on the certificate, which is available for all our products and is a mandatory part when placing the product on the market. The declaration of conformity, similarly to the certificate, can be issued in the required language. For example, for our products, it’s English and Czech.

5. Manufacturer sticker

Following the issuing of the Declaration of Conformity, another obligation arises for the manufacturer related to the placing of products on the European market and that is the correct labeling of the product. First of all, it is the European CE conformity mark (conformité européenne), which has clearly defined parameters, so that it cannot be confused with the Chinese imitation of this mark (CE China Export). In this way, every customer knows at the first glance whether the products meet the technical requirements and their use is safe.

If you want to be listed as the manufacturer of a given product, you must also issue such a Declaration of Conformity when placing it on the European market. But because we know how demanding the whole process is, we will be happy to help you with:
  • Consultation - where we will discuss the entire process and project with you so that we can offer you the best possible solution.
  • Certification - when we prepare the entire test set, product, fixture, and assignment for you and select a reliable, over years proven testing laboratory.
  • Documents for the Declaration of Conformity - we will prepare all the necessary documentation so that you can issue such a declaration yourself when launching the product on the European market.
  • Manufacturer sticker - since the CE marking is not the only obligation within the product labeling, we will help you design and print the sticker directly for you.

Further details on the custom solution of your projects, including the inquiry form, can be found in the Customization section.