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Mervis is a software platform for control of  UniPi programmable controllers developed in accordance with IEC 61131-3.

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Mervis is a software platform for control of  UniPi programmable controllers. When purchasing this product, you will get a lifetime license for installation on one controller unit. This license also includes a possibility of free backup into cloud database for data from 10 connected data points in your project.

KompatibilityUniPi v1.1 + extensions, UniPi Neuron + extensions


  • OS Image, for burning to SD card
  • IDE (Windows only)
  • HMI editor (Human Machine Interface) - for creating visual control interface (Windows only)
  • Mervis Runtime environment for testing purposes or control of the unit from (Windows)
  • Data cloud backup
  • In accordance with IEC 61131-3

IEC 61131-3

IEC 61131-3 is a part of international standard for programmmable logic controllers (PLC), which describes the software architecture and programming languages used for their control. For user already knowing the programming methods of this standard it is easier to work with an unknown platform developed in accordance with this standard. Mervis is in accordance with this standard. It is possible to program it:

  • visually - via function blocks
  • in ST language (Structured Text)

For this software is also developed online SCADA interface for remote control of the connected system.

More information in software documentation or in enclosed product files.


Manual for Mervis and UniPi v.1
Mervis handbill
Basic introduction to the product

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