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Power supply for DIN rail - 5V DC, 2.4A

UniPi 1

Power supply 5 V⎓, 2.4 A with DIN rail holding recommended for Unipi 1.1, Unipi 1.1 Lite, and 8-Relay Addon EMO-R8 products.

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Power supply recommended for Unipi 1.1Unipi 1.1 Lite, and 8-Relay Addon EMO-R8 products. Can be installed to DIN rail (35 mm). The complete technical specification can be found in the product datasheet. Along with this product comes power cable with an appropriate connector.

IMPORTANT: This power supply is NOT recommended for Neuron and Patron products.


Technological specification of the product
3D STEP model
3D model file in *.step format

Rated power 12 W
Dimensions 95 mm × 60 mm × 25 mm
Weigth 100 g
Current range 0 ~ 2.4 A
Model name HDR-15-5
DC Voltage 5 V
Rated Current 2.4 A
Manufacturer Meanwell
UniPi 1
Power supply 5V

Power supply 5V

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