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14/5/2019 Do you plan to include M-Bus meters into your project and you search for a way to connect them to UniPi controllers? Our brand-new RS485/M-Bus converter is the solution! 

The M-Bus (Meter-Bus) industrial communication protocol was created as a method of reliable data collection from various quantity meters such as energy meters, gas meters, water flow meters, calorimeters etc. Among its most distinctive features is its high resilience towards interference and length of the bus that can reach up to several hundred meters.

As UniPi programmable logic controllers do not feature the direct M-Bus communication yet, we introduced a compact RS485/M-Bus converter to enable communication between UniPi controllers and M-Bus modules.  

The converter can communicate with up to four M-Bus slave devices. The converted data are then sent via RS485 interface into RS485-compatible device connected to the converter, such as UniPi controller; this will allow you to use the data for other purposes such as HVAC control, data upload into a database or data visualisation using SCADA interface. The converter itself features a DIN-rail mount and LED for operation and error indication. 

RS485toMBus-4M converter

- up to 4 M-Bus slave devices
- galvanically isolated M-Bus interface
- 300 - 9600 bps transmission speed
- IP20 protection
- DIN rail mount (35 mm)
- LED indication of operation and error state

Product discontinued

xG1W-2 gateway for a new, updated price

We also have some good news for those preferring 1-Wire sensors and the 1-Wire bus. On the UniPi e-shop, you can purchase the xG1W-2 gateway featuring a pair of 1-Wire channels and a pair of serial lines (RS485 + RS232). Each 1-Wire channel can collect data from up to 20 1-Wire sensors including 1-Wire access chips. The data can then be sent via serial interfaces into a controller or any other connected device for further processing. 

xG1W-2 gateway

- 2× 1-Wire channel
- RS485 + RS232 serial line (Modbus RTU protocol)
- USB configuration interface
- power supply: 8-27V DC
Old price: €278.38
New price: €179

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xG1W-2 gateway
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