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28.07.2021 Unipi Zulu brings compact dimensions, software openness, and high computing power, enabling control of even complex industrial-technological units.

What is Unipi Zulu?

Unipi Zulu is a single-board computer (SBC), ideal for embedded systems, industry 4.0, IoT platforms, or edge computing.

Key features

  • High computing power is ensured by a quad-core processor NXP i.MX 8M Mini with a maximum frequency of 1.8 GHz (4× Arm Cortex-A53) + 1× Cortex-M4 (400 MHz) and further according to the selected model 1/2/4/8 GB LPDDR4 RAM and 8/16/32/64/128 GB internal eMMC memory, offering sufficient capacity to control even complex technological units
  • Software openness thanks to Linux (Debian), Yocto or Android, allows easy implementation of your software or third-party platforms
  • It is smaller than a credit card meaning it has minimal space requirements and you can incorporate it into your projects without any problems

Inputs, outputs, and dimensions

• 2× USB, 1× Ethernet (PoE)
• User inputs and outputs (I/O): 48× GPIO, SPI, UART, SAI, I2C, SDIO (Extended type extra: PCIe, SDIO)
• Dimensions:
>> Standard: 57 mm × 40 mm × 15 mm (w × h × d)
>> Extended: 67 mm × 40 mm × 15 mm (w × h × d)

Other features

• Secure Boot function allowing to load only trusted software
• Certification CE, RoHS
• Temperature range:
>> Industrial: −20 °C ... 70 °C
>> Consumer: 0 °C ... 70 °C

Why choose Unipi Zulu?

  • Guaranteed availability and support - provided by components from proven manufacturers such as NXP
  • Continuous development and updates - we use Unipi Zulu in our products and thus guarantee constant innovation
  • Only the components you use - you don't have to pay anything extra

Examples of use

Thanks to low space requirements, high computing power, and software openness, Unipi Zulu has a wide range of applications, for example in embedded systems, industry 4.0, IoT platforms, and edge computing.

Overview of types

The basic type is the Unipi Zulu Standard, which we have fully available for you (see table below). We are also preparing the Unipi Zulu Extended, providing an additional PCIe bus (allowing you, for example, to connect an external disk drive), as well as a second interface SDIO (Secure Digital Input Output), thanks to which you can also connect, for example, a memory card or a device for wireless data transfer.
Thanks to its construction, the SBC Unipi Zulu allows a wide range of customization options. We offer the possibility of expanding RAM, internal storage, Ethernet speed, and adjusting the temperature range from −20 ° C to +70 ° C so that the resulting product fully meets your requirements.

If you are interested in Unipi Zulu models or custom modifications, do not hesitate to contact us.

You can get the Unipi Zulu product leaflet here.

   Parameters Standard Extended1
   Processor   i.MX 8M Mini QuadLite   i.MX 8M Mini QuadLite
   RAM   1 (2/4/8)2 GB   1 (2/4/8)2 GB
   Internal memory (eMMC)   8 (16/32/64/128)2 GB   8 (16/32/64/128)2 GB
   Ethernet   100 Mbit / 1 Gbit2   100 Mbit / 1 Gbit2
   PoE   PoE / PoE+2   PoE / PoE+2
   PCIe   ×   ✓
   Temperature range Industrial/Consumer2 Industrial/Consumer2
1coming soon
2on request

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