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Are you looking for reliable dispatching control for photovoltaic power plants over 100 kWp? Benefit from a complete certified turnkey solution with the Patron control unit (RTU).

In Europe, photovoltaic power plants (PV plants) above 100 kWp are usually required to dispatch control (e.g., in the Czech Republic from 100 kWp, in Italy from 200 kWp, in Spain from 100 kWp). Distributors can limit the power of PV plants in case of grid congestion. From 1MWp onwards, U/Q control (of active and reactive power) is also sometimes necessary. This article will present a proven solution for easy installation and smooth operation of a solar power plant above 100 kWp.

DataHopper dispatching control for PV plants over 100 kWp 

Get the benefits of a complete turnkey solution from our partner Cyber Heroes. The Patron unit with DataHopper product branding is the core component that serves as the RTU (Remote Terminal Unit). The RTU communicates with the superior monitoring center using IEC 60870-5-104 and IEC 60870-5-101 protocols.

The unit offers a real-time overview of status and production and provides alerts for any deviations from normal. Thanks to the RTU, it is possible to communicate with the distributor and monitor the current energy production from the monitoring center, thus having full control over the PV plant.

Advantages of turnkey dispatching

  • Master/Slave mode makes managing large-scale PV plants with multiple inverters easier. Single inverter type and mirror mode (what happens on one controller is visible on any unit) ensure easy configuration and control. Elimination of individual modifications saves costs and simplifies installation.
  • The notification service informs us about essential events and plant statuses.
  • Remote management allows solving problems without being physically present at the plant.
  • The monitoring center provides a comprehensive overview of the plant's status and performance.
  • Security – secure communication minimizes the risk of data leakage.
  • Turnkey solution – certified partner communicates with distributors, handles installation (including switchgear) and addresses infrastructure.

Cyber Heroes holds individual distributor certification for its DataHopper software platform in conjunction with RTU Patron. The solution thus also meets cybersecurity requirements. The partner delivers the device in an AXY enclosure. If the regulator requires certification in a given country, Cyber Heroes can have the device certified in that market.

Why a Unipi control unit

Patron provides power control of the plant via IEC 60870-5-104 protocol in 0 %, 30 %, 60 %, and 100 % states to maintain stability in the distribution system.

RTU Patron, in conjunction with the DataHopper software platform, enables:

  • Communication with the energy distributor via an external modem 
  • Remote management, which is handled via Ethernet
  • Synchronization via IEC 60870-5-104 or from NTP servers
  • Transfer of data on current energy production
  • Monitoring and diagnostics of the power plant  
  • Receiving signals from the MDB (main distribution building) 
  • Analysis of data from distribution and the MDB 
  • Power control through wired switching of power stages 0-30-60-100  
  • Compatibility with the most commonly used inverters  
  • Alerts via e-mail or, if desired, SMS  
  • Insight into remote monitoring for a given generation plant

Are you interested in this solution? Contact us at info@unipi.technology or call +420 601 308 791. 

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