Evok v3 & Debian 12 Bookworm based OS images released

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We have completed development of Evok 3 and operating systems based on Debian 12 Bookworm. Check out the latest updates!

Evok 3  

We are pleased to announce that we have made several improvements, such as reviewed API, brand new documentation, configuration file rewritten to yaml, and other changes we want to present today. The main changes are described on GitHub.

General information

Operating systems general information (Base OS, Node-RED OS)

Revised OS backup and recovery system, faster access to I/O, automatic configuration of the operating system, unified access to peripherals, and much more contribute to a significantly enhanced user experience. 

  • Revised operating system backup and recovery 
    • Added support for larger filesystem backup 
  • Revised way of obtaining and presenting hardware information thanks to Unipi-id 
  • Automatic configuration of the operating system using the platform-dependent os-configurator tool thanks to unipi-id 
  • Updated internal bus protocol for communication with I/O to achieve lower latency 
    • What does it bring? Faster access to I/O in some cases (6 registers requests) by up to 100% 
    • Requires firmware > 6.20  
    • Currently supported only for Patron. Support for Neuron (RPi based platform) is under development. 
  • Firmware is automatically updated after the first start of the OS Deb 12 (only for FW >=6; others need to be uploaded manually
  • Completely redesigned access to I/Os of Unipi 1.1 and Unipi 1.1 Lite  
  • Kernel 6.1 used 
  • 64bit operating system images are generated for Raspberry Pi platforms (Unipi 1.1, Unipi 1.1. Lite, Neuron)  
  • Networking uses systemd-networkd and systemd-resolved  
  • Base OS 
    • Renamed OpenSource OS to Base OS 
    • Evok is no longer a native part of Base OS and should be installed manually 
  • Node-RED OS  
  • Discontinued support for Axon controllers 
    • New OS images for Axon series are no longer provided 
    • Software tools will no longer be updated 
  • Where to download from?  
  • What to do if something doesn't work?  

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