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8/8/18 Let us introduce a newest addition to our e-shop - a set of four new 1-Wire temperature sensor designed for measuring temperature of not only buildings, but also pipelines, air conditioning lines and more. 

Temperature sensors, humidity sensors and other similar devices utilizing the 1-Wire bus are a common part of many automation systems. These versatile and well-liked products have been represented in our e-shop by either digital thermometers or by the SEDtronic humidity and temperature sensors. Today, we introduce a brand new addition to our 1-Wire lineup: a set of four specialised 1-Wire temperature sensors.


Interior on-wall temperature sensor, featuring IP20 plastic box. 
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On-wall temperature sensor for interior/exterior measuring. Featuring metal measuring rod with IP65 protection. The terminal block is placed in a plastic box. 
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Internal pipeline/AC line temperature sensor. The sensor itself is placed in a 120mm measuring rod with IP65 protection. The terminal block is placed in a plastic box. 
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Sensor for measuring a surface temperature of smooth-surfaced pipelines. Supplied with a metal holding band and holding clamp. The sensor itself is protected by the IP65 metal cover. 
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All sensors mentioned are designed for the chemically non-aggressive environment and are based on the DS18B20 1-Wire temperature chip, allowing the user to implement them in any system supporting the said chip. For connection, a standard 3-wire scheme is used - with the exception of the 1-WIRE-T-F-3m model, all sensors feature a terminal block housed within a polyamide box with IP-20 protection.

Sensors are designed for easy installation and are low-maintenance if used according to operating conditions. They thus represent a perfect choice for HVAC systems and can be used not only in households but also in office buildings and technical facilities like boiler rooms, heat exchange stations, air conditioning units etc. 

1-Wire on UniPi controllers

On UniPi 1.1/1.1 Lite and the UniPi Neuron product line, the 1-Wire bus is present as default equipment present on all models. All these models feature a single RJ45 connector.  Our newest Axon PLC product line also features the 1-Wire, but with two major differences. Firstly, the 1-Wire is not present on all products; on the S215, S515, S605 and M515, it is replaced by an RS232 serial line. All Axons also feature a 3-wire terminal block instead of the standard RJ45 connector. 

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