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10/03/21 The Unipi team informs about a temporary restriction of some Mervis services.

Dear customers,

on Wednesday 10th March 2021, a fire broke out in the OVH data centre in Strasbourg, Switzerland. Unfortunately, Unipi technology is among the affected customers, as the data centre was used to operate a part of the Mervis system infrastructure. Some Mervis services are not available at the moment and we are currently working on restoring them in our own data centre. Follow this link for more info about the event. 

Which services are affected? 

The following services operated in the data centre were affected by the event: 

  • Mervis DB: uploading data into the Mervis DB cloud database is not available. Part of historical data will be automatically uploaded from PLC memory once the service is restored.
  • licencing server: new Unipi PLC cannot be licenced, i.e. their use is limited to a 20-minute demo mode. Already licenced controllers are not affected. 

This post will be regularly updated with new information regarding the event. 

UPDATE 11.03: Resumption of all affected services is expected during Thursday, 11th March 2021

UPDATE 12.03: The Mervis DB data storage service was restored during the evening (UTC) of 11th March. Data in the database are currently accessible only through Mervis SCADA. The work on restoring the rest of the affected services (Mervis licencing server, Mervis DB Viewer) is still ongoing. If your PLC still cannot save data into the database, please check if the controller can access (the IP address has changed), or get in touch with our technical support at

UPDATE 13.03, 15:48 UTC: The Mervis licencing server was restored, allowing new PLCs to be licenced into the full mode of Mervis RT. The work on restoring the rest of the affected services is still ongoing and short downtimes of some Mervis Cloud services may occur. 

UPDATE 14.03, 10:29 UTC: All affected services were fully restored. 

Thank you for your understanding. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Unipi technology team 

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