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21/5/19 Do you need a cheap and simple controller for your project? Buy the UniPi 1.1 Lite and save up to 20%!

UniPi Neuron and UniPi Axon programmable logic controllers are our flagship products, but that does not mean we forgot about small automation projects. If you are looking for a cheap and simple yet powerful controller, the UniPi 1.1 Lite is a perfect choice. This simple extension board for the Raspberry Pi computer allows it to function as a programmable logic controller. It was designed as a lightened variant of the UniPi 1.1 extension board, trading the lower number of I/Os for more compact size and lower price. Now the already favourable price of the UniPi 1.1 Lite was reduced, even more, allowing you to save up to 20%! 

If you already own the Raspberry Pi computer you can purchase the UniPi 1.1 Lite individually. Additionally, you can now purchase the brand-new UniPi 1.1 Lite complete set, containing all accessories necessary for a quick start-up and programming. 

UniPi 1.1 Lite

- 6× changeover relay (250V AC/25V DC, 5A)
- 6× digital input (5-24V DC)
-1× 1-Wire bus
- LED short-circuit indicator
- can be provided with plastic cover and DIN rail holder (not part of the package)
- designed for the Raspberry Pi computer
(not part of the package)

Original price: €99
New price: €79

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UniPi 1.1 Lite - complete set

- UniPi 1.1 Lite board
- Raspberry Pi computer
(+ connecting cable)
- Mervis software licence
- 5V power supply
- 1-Wire temperature sensor (1,5 m)
- 16GB microSD memory card
- protective cover, DIN rail holder
- a set of mounting screws & spacers

Price: €199

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