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Thanks to the synergy with Unipi, SCAO Informatica has reached a new level of innovation and sustainability, represented by the eMachina solution. The partnership has helped SCAO win a prestigious Italian award for unique digital projects.

Italian company SCAO Informatica Srl focuses on Industry 4.0 software solutions and offers a wide range of digital solutions for industrial management. It was among the winners of the prestigious Fabbrica del Futuro Confindustria Brescia award, which is presented to the most innovative digital and sustainable projects in the Italian province of Brescia.

SCAO is the proud recipient of the award in the sustainability category for its eMachina solution. Its eMachina Box hardware is a customized variant of the Neuron S103 controller and represents an innovative technology solution in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). In conjunction with the eMachina MES software, it allows forecasting estimation of consumption and required energy resources, reducing the environmental impact of processes.

Innovative features and sustainable benefits

For example, eMachina software can monitor the amount of CO2 produced or help the factory use resources more efficiently through in-depth analysis. Consumption estimates and forecasts enable companies to plan more efficiently and minimize excessive consumption.

Thanks to Unipi's technically advanced hardware, SCAO has acquired the tools to enter a new era of digitalization. The eMachina system represents a profitable option for industrial companies that do not have to replace their outdated machines thanks to this solution. Integrating the system into existing machines significantly reduces the amount of waste associated with replacing them.

Learn more in customer reference
For more information on the features of the solution for SCAO, please see the customer reference.

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