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27/02/18 The development never stops! The Neuron product line is now compatible with the Windows 10 IOT system.  

What is Windows 10 IOT Core

Windows 10 IOT is a lightened variant of the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system designed specifically for usage in the IoT sphere. Windows 10 IOT Core is then an open variant of the system for development of applications for small devices. The system is fully compatible with x86, x64 and ARM processors.

The system features universal Windows platform (UWP) for development of applications compatible with all variants of the Windows 10 OS – all applications developed in UWP thus can be used on computers, mobile devices, smartphones and other Win 10 compatible devices. Included is the Cortana SDK development interface allowing to integrate the intelligent virtual assistant Cortana into the device. A significant advantage is then a high performance of the system, allowing the user to develop applications with a very fast response rate. 

And now, thanks to a driver released by ADCOSO company from Germany, the Win 10 IOT Core can be installed into our Neuron PLC product range as well, allowing the user to use the system for control of all I/O modules of the unit in combination with all previously mentioned features.

How can I run the Windows 10 IOT Core on my Neuron?

The installation process of the Windows 10 IOT Core is easy and straightforward.

  • In the Win 10 IOT, create a new UWP application
  • Download the Win 10 driver for Neuron on this link
  • In the application, create an instance of the Neuron Object.

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