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16. 9. 2021 We are constantly updating and improving the Unipi Knowledge Base so that we can provide you with the maximum possible support. We bring you extended sections of all products.

The Unipi Knowledge Base is the main source of information about Unipi products, from a collection of tutorials for starting, through setting up the device to document downloads.
We have recently expanded the Products section, where you can now clearly find everything you need about specific Unipi products:

  • First Steps - a step-by-step guide to starting the unit for the first time
  • Inputs & Outputs - information on how to use specific inputs and outputs, including a description of their special functions
  • OS Images - all available operating system (OS) images for the selected device
  • Flash/backup the OS - here you will find procedures for flashing and backing up OS images (with all your settings and programs)
  • LED indication - describes the individual states of the PLC based on the physical indication of the LEDs
  • Serial port maps - physical serial port mapping in Linux
  • Service mode - start and workflow in the service interface, allowing to flash and backup of internal memory (operating system), enable SSH, or work in the BusyBox
  • Technical parameters - description of all other device parameters, such as operating, installation and storage conditions

Discover expanded sections of Unipi products in the Knowledge Base:



Significant changes also occurred in entire sections:

  • Automation & tutorials - redesigned and expanded section of Unipi HW & Linux.
  • APIs - more information, including examples of how to use each application programming interface (API) to reliably interact with the inputs and outputs of Unipi units.

We are constantly working on new manuals and updates for Mervis. If you miss any instructions, do not hesitate, and be sure to let us know at support@unipi.technology.

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