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Looking back at the year 2022 in an interview with Unipi technology CEO Adam Škorpík and the upcoming news. See what you can look forward to.

How would you sum up 2022?

Growth. We are constantly creating and building. This year I believe we come the farthest. We moved into new premises which were about twice the size of the previous ones and lasted exactly 3 months before we had to rent another space.
In addition, I can reveal, that we will be an independent company from the beginning of the new year. From a small department of our parent company Faster CZ, we have become an independent unit in more than ten years of development. We are no longer the small startup we were at the beginning, but we are a company with many years of experience, just in a new guise.
This year we also had the opportunity to see how much we are pushing forward. Thanks to the constant conceptual development of our product lines, platforms, and internal technologies, we have enormous know-how. Thanks to this, we have proven that we are able to develop customized devices for individual customers without development costs as if from the scratch. We respond quickly to the needs of the market and develop customized devices. Basically, we always have about 90 % ready, and we develop the remaining 10 % internally.

These are the big successes, which one do you see as the biggest?

Transformation of our custom development. We can now quickly manufacture and supply quality units in large quantities. Quotes in ten thousand pieces are no longer a problem for us.

Such a leap forward also entails numerous challenges. What's the biggest one you've come across this year?

There are actually two, and both go hand in hand with our growth. It is a challenge to serve such a huge number of customers and at the same time satisfy the needs of newcomers while we are still experiencing the effects of the semiconductor shortage crisis.
And that brings the second challenge. We are expanding our team with skilled people; I know we can be even better in this respect. We need to hire even more people like that and be faster in the process. As we grow, we need to expand within the team. However, we definitely want to maintain our direction, that we are still mainly developers, not an administrative business company.

So what are you planning for 2023 or the next few years?

We definitely want to minimize the delivery time of our products to customers. Mainly limit fluctuations caused by shortage from our suppliers. So, the deliveries to our customers would be as fast as possible.
We want to work on our capacities. That is maintain a high quality of supply while focusing on fast-growing markets. As well as having a free capacity for custom development, essentially allocating part of the resources for newly arriving customers so that we can serve them as quickly as possible in terms of new development.
I can see from our team that it innovates, improves and that it is a group of passionate people without whom we would not have come this far.

Adam Škorpík

CEO Unipi technology

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