Our services

1. Unpaid services

Unipi technology's unpaid service corresponds mainly to operational inquiries within customer service.

1.1. Overview of unpaid services

  • operational query on Unipi technology hardware/software for which we do not provide documentation within the Unipi technology Knowledge Base
  • service request in case of unexpected functionality/malfunction of the Unipi technology products
  • warranty service

2. Standard services

Unipi technology's standard service corresponds to extensive inquiries, on-site assistance, training, or individual software solutions.

2.1. Overview of standard services

  • creation of an individual software solution
  • revision (or assistance with repair and finalization) of the customer software solution within the Mervis platform
  • services otherwise fully available within the Unipi technology Knowledge Base
  • on-site assistance
  • training

3. Consulting

Unipi technology offers professional consulting in the areas of Automation, Instrumentation and control engineering, Remote Access, IT Technologies administration, and Security. Thanks to our experience with dozens of successful projects and over the years of proven know-how, we will help you implement your project exactly according to your ideas.
The price of the consulting always depends on the indicative price offer (see below).

4. Development

Development means the individual design of a hardware and/or software solution or your graphic design of a controller that is not otherwise listed in the Unipi technology product list. More information is in the OEM solutions section.
The price is always based on the indicative price offer (see below).

4.1. Benefits

  • design of a complete hardware solution directly for you
  • low development price
  • speed of development
  • starting even with small production batches
  • possibility of your own design
  • individual and professional approach
  • possibility to flash your OS image to the PLC during production (see Further services of Unipi technology)

5. Price list of services

   Type of service  Price (EUR) Price (USD)
   Unpaid services 0 EUR/h 0 USD/h
   Standard services *38 EUR/h *47.5 USD/h
   Consulting *62 EUR/h *77.5 USD/h
   Development *50 EUR/h *62.5 USD/h
The smallest billable time unit is 30 minutes.
*The stated amount applies if the activity can be performed within 8 working hours (1 M/D). If the required service takes longer, its price is based on the indicative price offer.

5.1. Indicative price offer

This is the maximum possible price of the order, which we estimate individually for the project. The indicative price offer includes the expected time needed to complete the order. If it happens, that the time needed to complete the order is longer than expected, you do not pay anything extra.

5.1.1. Benefits

  • you know the maximum price of the order
  • if the order exceeds the estimated time required to complete it, you do not pay anything extra
  • if the order does not reach the estimated time needed for completion, you only pay the actual time needed to prepare it
  • you never pay more than the indicative price offer

Further services of Unipi technology

1. Custom OS images

Paid service allowing modification of the OS image for Unipi controllers. A detailed description of this service can be found on the Unipi technology Knowledge Base.
The one-time fee listed in the table below is for access and for training your employees in the system for creating and editing OS images. A monthly fee (including machine time and power) of
80 EUR/month (100 USD/month) is further charged for the use of the service.

1.1. Flashing Unipi PLCs with custom OS image during production

Supplementary service to Custom OS image. Your modified OS image can be loaded directly to the PLC in the final part of the production of OEM units, thus saving your IT experts the time they would need to make all the necessary adjustments. We will deliver the control units already configured according to your requirements.

1.2. Benefits

  • installation of additional software and libraries
  • installation of your own software solution
  • IP address configuration (static or dynamic)
  • enable/disable SSH including change of username and password and much more

2. Post-warranty service

Service of controllers after the expiration of their warranty period (or after a breach of warranty conditions). The price includes disassembly, testing, and possible repair or replacement of a defective component.
The price depends on the value of the replaced part.

3. Price list of further services

   Type of service  Price (EUR)  Price (USD)
   Custom OS image: access 1 000 EUR 1 250 USD
         Custom OS image: monthly  
         maintenance fee
80 EUR/month 100 USD/month
         Flashing Unipi PLCs with
         customer OS image during
2 EUR/unit 2.5 USD/unit
   Post-warranty service Range 40 EUR – 80 EUR Range 50 USD – 100 USD