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RS485/M-Bus converter


Communication converter for connecting M-Bus devices into systems using the RS485 interface. 

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Device description

RS485toMbus-4M converter is designed for connecting devices using the M-Bus interface into systems communicating with various sensors and meters through the RS485 interface. The converter converts M-Bus messages without changing their content and is designed primarily for reading data from M-Bus flow meters, energy meters, heat consumption meters and other similar devices. 

The device supports up to 4 M-Bus slave devices and features protection against overvoltage and M-Bus communication errors. The converter is also provided with LEDs for indication of power, M-Bus communication and error states. 

A detailed technical description can be found in the user manual (see Files tab above)

Basic technical parameters

Dimensions: 58 × 36 × 95 mm
Chassis: Plastic box (IP20 protection)
Installation: DIN rail (35 mm)
Max. amount of M-Bus slave devices: 
Transmission speed: 300 - 9600 bps
M-bus galvanic isolation: Yes
Connectors: pluggable terminals, up to 2.5mm conductor diameter
Power supply: 7-28V DC, built-in overvoltage protection
Operating temperature:  -20°C/+70°C
Indication: LED indication of power, M-bus operation and error states


User manual
User manual for the product