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1-Wire Temperature Sensor - 1.5 m


Digital waterproof 1-Wire temperature sensors with DS18B20 chip. Designed for basic temperature measurements in automation and regulation systems. 

Cable lengths offered

  • 1,5 m
  • 3 m
  • 5 m
  • 10 m

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Product description

Digital 1-Wire water-resistant temperature sensor is based on the DS18B20 chip covered by a stainless steel cap. Each sensor features an RJ45 plug and can be connected to any Unipi controller with the 1-Wire bus. A single bus supports up to 15 sensors (the response time can be higher in such connections). The number of sensors connected to a single controller can be further increased by utilizing corresponding patch cords or the 8-port with an integrated DIN rail holder.

Several hubs can be connected in a cascade. More info about connecting 1-Wire sensors can be found on this link

Sensors are universal, their temperature range is -55 °C/+85 °C (-67 °F/+185 °F).

Sensor dimensions

Practical use examples

  • measuring indoor/outdoor temperature for the purpose of heating switching
  • measuring the temperature of liquid stored in tanks (for more precise measurements it is possible to use more sensors located in several levels)
  • measuring liquid transport lines temperature

Further info


Technological specification of the product
Introduction to 1-Wire
Detailed technological description of 1-Wire bus

Temperature measuring range -55°C / +85°C
Sensor type DS18B20
Measurement accuracy ± 0.5°C in range of -10 to 85°C
Sensor case size 6×30 mm
Cable length Optional (1,5/3/5/10 m)
Sensor case material Stainless steel
Unipi Extension xG18

Unipi Extension xG18

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1-Wire sump temperature sensor with a head

1-Wire sump temperature sensor with a head

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1-Wire temperature sensor outdoor, wall-mounted

1-Wire temperature sensor outdoor, wall-mounted

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