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The combination of various I/Os makes Unipi controllers usable in a large number of automation fields. Good price and high I/O number give Unipi products an excellent price-per-I/O ratio, which can be as low as €6.70/$9 per I/O depending on the selected model. 

Unipi controllers can feature five different types of I/Os and their various combinations. 

  • digital inputs are designed for reading signals from switches, motion sensors and various smart sensors
  • digital outputs can be used for controlling binary devices such as door locks or smart lighting
  • relay outputs are suitable for switching boilers, pumps, valve drives or larger external relays
  • analogue inputs read voltage or current from analogue thermometers and other similar sensors; alternatively, they can perform current or resistance measurements
  • analogue outputs can control three-way valves, heat exchangers, electric motors and other similar devices 

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