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Unipi PLCs are available in a list of variants and models. Controllers are offered in three sizes and several model lines, with individual models differing from each other by the number and type of I/Os and/or communication interfaces. 

Inputs - analogue, digital
Outputs - analogue, digital, relay
Communication interface -  RS485, RS232, Ethernet, USB 2.0, WiFi, Bluetooth + compatibility with various wireless technologies (IQRF, LoRa, Sigfox, wM-BUS etc.)

Compact size for easy installation

I/Os are placed in two lines above each other, reducing the controller's size while retaining the I/O number. Thanks to this feature Unipi controllers can be placed even into space-restricted installations. Components of the controller are protected by a durable anodized aluminum chassis providing IP20 protection, the size is then determined by the particular series. 

S-series - 4 DIN modules, 60 mm width
M-series - 8 DIN modules, 60 mm width
L-series - 12 DIN modules, 60 mm width

Extension modules

Aside from controllers, you can also choose from the Neuron xS extension module line-up. These modules are based on regular controllers, sharing their size and DIN rail mounting, but the computing module is replaced by an additional I/O board. You can thus use them to easily increase the number of I/Os by up to 24 per single extension. 

Extensions communicate over the RS485 serial line and can be connected to any controller supporting the RS485 and Modbus protocol. Some Unipi controllers also allow you to create a network of extensions - for example, the Patron S117 controller featuring four RS485 serial lines can communicate with up to 120 extension modules, creating a network of up to 2880 I/Os. 

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