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Increase your comfort and savings with automated heating system.

One of the typical application of the automation system is a smart heating and HVAC system (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning). With a controller, it is possible to interconnect digital heating valves, digital thermometers and boiler into something that increases overall comfort and saves your expenses.

For ideal sleep, it is recommended to have a bit lower temperature in the bedroom and excessive cold in the living room does not stand for a cosy home. Thanks to the smart heating it is possible to easily set ideal room temperature in each room separately

Often stated ideal room temperature for sleep is 18° C and ideal room temperature is 21° C. What temperature user chooses is completely up to him. Thanks to the proper set system and advanced monitoring it is possible to achieve considerable savings. The system activates the heating only when the temperature drops below the set minimum and will not waste money for unnecessary heating.

With properly configured control software it is possible to make use of various heating regimes (Day / Night, Not at home, On the vacation). In case of a trip, it is possible to turn off all the heating and remotely activate it before the arrival, so you would return to the warmth of home.

Other applications

Smart heating and HVAC systems are not solely for the use in Smart Home. It is possible to use them in offices and other corporate premises of your company or special applications such as Data centre waste heat reuse for economical and ecological heating.