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23/5/18 On the AMPER 2018 international trade fair, we officially revealed our brand-new UniPi Axon PLC line. And now, we are pleased to announce the starting today, the Axon is available on backorder! 

What is the UniPi Axon?

UniPi Axon is our latest PLC product line, designed to be used in monitoring, regulation, smart home, HVAC and many other applications. In its core, Axon is improved and redesigned variant of the Neuron product lineThe development goal was to capitalize on Neuron's strengths and to further improve them. Axon thus retains a high degree of modularity and flexibility - two of our products' most significant advantages. 

The Axon line also supports the same range of software solutions, both commercial and open-source, as the Neuron. Thanks to this, transferring your system from Neuron to Axon is incredibly easy - all you need to do is to simply swap units. 

Axon line consists of 13 models divided into 3 sizes and 6 model lines. Each model line is focused on a different I/O configuration, making them suitable for different kinds of systems. 

Axon S, M and L models, showcasing available sizes of Axon units. 

What's new in the Axon? 

The anodized aluminium case was retained, but the most striking difference is its colour - Axon units feature black case, making them easy to distinguish from the blue Neuron. Dimensions of all three sizes stay exactly the same as on the Neuron and on the first look, the I/O configuration is very similar as well. So the question is - what is new? 

New computing module

As a central processing unit, we used a new industrial computer featuring the 1.2 GHz Allwinner H5 quad-core ARM processor with 1GB RAM. The main difference, however, is the onboard 8GB eMMC memory. That gives the Axon a high degree of reliability even during frequent memory rewrites. 

New functionality

During the Axon development, we enhanced its functionality by implementing an RS232 line. Such a serial line is used for short-distance communication via an asynchronous fixed-speed transmission. RS232 lines can be found in 10 models - exceptions are the S115, S205 and S505 models which have the RS232 replaced by a 1-Wire bus. 

We used the RS232 to create new combinations of communication interfaces. Depending on the model, the RS232 line can be combined with the RS485 line, 1-Wire bus or both. 

We also developed two specialised models - Axon S115 and Axon S155

Axon S115 features four RS485 lines and while designed primarily for use in photovoltaic systems, it can be also used for interconnection of several devices using different communication protocols. 

Axon S155 is provided with two Ethernet ports - the default 1Gbit port was supplemented by an additional 100Mbit port. That allows the S155 to be used as a connection hub for two separate networks. 

New I/O configurations

Axon line is characteristic by an extension of the S-line. With the 4-DIN module width (70 mm), the line represents our most compact PLC size with following features

  • up to 8 digital inputs
  • up to 4 digital outputs
  • up to 8 relay outputs
  • up to 4 analogue I/O's
  • up to four RS485 lines
  • RS232 line
  • 1-Wire bus
  • various combination of the above-mentioned

Combined with mentioned compact dimensions, the Axon S features an excellent size-to-performance ratio. 

What is the next step?

The whole Axon line is available on our e-shop and can be already back ordered. First deliveries are expected to be shipped out during summer 2018. The exact date will be published soon, so stay tuned and watch our news! 

In the following weeks, you can look forward to an Introducing the Axon line article series - a more detailed look on selected Axon models

  • Axon S105
  • Axon S115
  • Axon S155
  • Axon S605
  • Axon M and L series
  • Axon 200 and 500 series

The full list of Axon models can be accessed through our product catalogue. Alternatively, you can also visit the Axon line technological introduction