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11/6/18 We have yet another brand-new addition to our sortiment. This time, we focused on accessories for our controllers by bringing you three models of Weintek touchscreen HMI panels! 

Our customers now have an option to purchase one of three Weintek iP-series touchscreen HMI panels, designed specifically for visualisation of technological processes running on programmable logic controllers (PLC).

Weintek MT8051iP Weintek MT8071iP Weintek MT8102iP
 4.3" screen size  7" screen size  10.1" screen size
RISC Cortex A-8 CPU (600 MHz) RISC Cortex A-8 CPU (600 MHz) ARM RISC CPU (528 MHz)
128 × 102 × 32 mm 200.4 × 146.5 × 34 mm 271 × 213 × 36.4 mm
 1× RS485, 1× RS232, 1× USB
1× 10/100Mbit Ethernet
 1× RS485, 1× RS232, 1× USB
1× 10/100Mbit Ethernet
2× RS485, 1× USB
1× 10/100Mbit Ethernet 

By standard, all these models feature touchscreen LCD TFT display with a screen size of 4.3", 7" or 10.1" depending on the model. The display can offer up to 16.7 million colours and a high level of detail due to high colour density. It is also equipped with LED backlight with a lifespan of more than 30 000 hours.

Regarding the computing power, MT8051iP and MT8071iP are powered by 600MHz RISC Cortex-A8 CPU, while the MT8102iP features 528 MHz ARM RISC CPU. Combined with a 128MB RAM, all three models have enough performance for a fast system boot. Each model also features an onboard 128MB eMMC storage for temporal storing of data before its transfer into a computer or any other storage.

For communication, Weintek panels are provided with 10/100Mbit Ethernet and a single USB 2.0 port. MT8051iP and MT8071iP offer both RS485 and RS232 serial lines, while the MT8102iP model features two RS485 lines.

For configuration a free EasyBuilder PRO software is used - a download link to the software and its manual can be found below

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All listed models are already available for order on our e-shop. Here, you can also find datasheets and detailed technical information about each model offered.

EasyBuilder PRO software download 
EasyBuilder PRO complete manual

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