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09/03/18 Celebrate the Brain Awareness Week 2018 with our special! 15 % discount on selected controllers!

The brain is undoubtedly the single most important part of living bodies, both human and animal. Without it no creature could ever live. Not even just that; the human brain stores all of our thoughts, emotions and is the source of everything that makes us human. It‘s an organ so complex that, despite scientists all over the world trying to uncover its secrets for decades, its secrets still continue to elude us.

To celebrate the importance of the human brain and to raise awareness about this all-important organ, Brain Awareness Week (BAW) will be celebrated all across the world, starting with a European Brain Day on 12th March 2018. During this week science conferences will be held in many places around the globe, where scientists will be sharing their latest findings. The public will be able to uncover various neurological mysteries by visiting lectures, laboratories, science facilities and more.

The team is not exactly active in the field neurology, but we still do produce brains of our own – our control units are designed to serve as a brain of your smart home or automation projects, allowing you to make your systems smarter and more responsive. To celebrate the Brain Awareness Week, we are thus prepared to offer a special -15 % discount on the models below!

The special starts on Friday 9th March, 12:00 CET and ends on Sunday 18th March, 23:59 CET. So if you have been planning to start an automation project, now is the right time to visit our e-shop! 

Note: The discount applies only for controller units - if the unit is purchased as a part of a set, the cost of accessories remains unchanged. The discount cannot be combined with any other discount.

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