A new version of the Neuron S103-G is now in stock

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17/05/21 Introducing a new version of the Neuron S103-G controller featuring a GSM/GPRS module.

The Neuron S103-G programmable logic controller represents one of the standard Neuron models that has been available on the Unipi e-shop since the Neuron product line introduction. The controller is based on the S103 model but also features a GSM/GPRS module and a SIM card slot. This functionality allows the PLC to connect to the GSM/GPRS wireless network and send notifications or alerts directly to your mobile phone via e-mails or SMS messages.

What is new?

The new version retains inputs/outputs, software compatibility and other features of the original S103-G. The only difference is a new Quectel M66 GSM/GPRS module that offers software compatibility with the original FIBOCOM G510 module.

Software compatibility

The new S103-G also retains compatibility with the Mervis system - an official SW solution for Unipi products. Mervis IDE development environment, a core of the entire solution, includes Receivesms and Sendsms function blocks for sending and receiving SMS messages respectively.

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